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AvidXchange Strongroom strives to create a product that is easy to use, high performing, and provides our customers with superior paperless invoice products. We create release notes to communicate best the changes and updates we are making, as well as improvements to features to serve your needs better, as we continue to improve our products.

Email Delivery

Daily Invoice Approval and Stranded Invoice Emails

Delays in Delivery or No Delivery for Daily Invoice Approval and Stranded Invoice Emails 

The send/receive cycle for the Daily Invoice Approval emails had extended lengths of time from when the emails were created to the time when the emails were sent. In some cases, the email process would have issues and emails might not be sent. Stranded Invoice emails were also not being sent due to a code issue.

We made additional changes to the code that controls the process and made the overall process more robust to work through issues that may arise and still allow unaffected customers to receive their expected emails. The length of time for emails to be received is also expected to improve with these changes.

Invoice Management

Invoice Search and My Invoice pages

Modified the Save Additional Display Columns Functionality on Invoice Search and My Invoices pages

The display columns on the Invoice Search and My Invoices pages recently had an issue with the Save functionality related to the additional display columns that can be added to each screen. A change was made to restore the save functionality for the Display columns of data. (see Figure 1).

Figure 1

GL Code Template

Vendor Account Number Exact Match

Added Require Vendor Account Number Exact Match option

In previous releases, the GL Line Item template could be customized per Association & Vendor and per Association, Vendor & Account Number. On the Invoice Details page, when an invoice is created or processed and the Vendor Account Number matches the specified Vendor Account Number on the GL Line Item template for that Association and Vendor, it will return the corresponding GL Line Item template group.

However, if the Vendor Account Number is missing or is entered but does not match an existing GL Line Item template for that account number, all GL Line Item template groups for that Association and Vendor will be returned on the Invoice Details page.

We updated the GL Line Item template (see Figure 3, Figure 4 & Figure 5) to provide an additional option to match and to only return the corresponding line item template that is based on the entered Vendor Account Number.

On the Invoice Configuration page, located under the Default Line Item section, we added the Require Vendor Account Number Exact Match option box.

Note: You must enable this option. The Default setting would be Off/Not checked to match the current functionality (see Figure 2).

Path: Administration>>Site Setup, then select Invoice from side menu and then the Default Line Item Creation section

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

If a null account number or Incorrect account number is entered, then no expense line items are loaded.

Figure 5


1099 Reports

Updated 1099 Reports Year Value 

On the 1099 reports in AvidXchange Strongroom, we updated the 2019year value to 2020.


Sage Intacct

Additional Dimensions: Invoice Details Page

On the My Invoices page, in the Invoice Configuration section (see Figure 6), we added the ability to enable, add, and customize the new dimension labels and to make those dimensions and labels visible as a coding segment when the Expense Line Item is selected.

Previously, you were only able to use the default GL code 1 and accounts 2-4 which included Job and Department. Now, you can have up to nine (9) dimensions plus Job and Department.

Based on you Invoice Configuration, the dimension label can also be carried to other parts of the site where these details are visible.

Figure 6

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