Release Notes – August 29, 2021

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Release Overview

Summary of Changes

AvidXchange is proud to announce the release of AvidStrongroom 2021.8.0. We strive to create a product that is easy to use, high performing, and provides you with significant value. The purpose of these release notes is to notify you of the changes made and the expected release date.

In-Product Messaging

In-Product Messaging Implementation

In-Product Messaging Enabled for Administrators (178127)

As part of this implementation, we will be able to offer guidance on new product features, product area tours, helpful tooltips, and more timely communication about AvidStrongroom. We also created a list of AvidStrongroom users with Administrator role designation. This will allow notifications to be created and pushed through to those users now that the tool is fully implemented.

Processes and Infrastructure Support

Purchase Order Invoices

Exception Invoices Table Displays PO Number (176858)

We updated the Integration >> Exception Invoices page to display the purchase order number associated with an invoice, when applicable.

To enable the PO Number to display:

  1. Access the client site.
  2. Click My Invoices and then click the Display button (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Display button

  1. When the Show columns dropdown menu list displays (see Figure 2), select PO Number and then click the OK button.

Figure 2: Show columns dropdown menu – Select PO Number checkbox

4. The PO Number will populate under the PO # column (see Figure 3).

Path: Integration >> Exception Invoices

Figure 3: Exception Invoices List with PO # Column

2021.7.1 Release Review

Release Review (August 4, 2021)

VCC Proof of Payment Permission (177107)

We enabled the ViewProofOfPayment Permission for all AvidStrongroom users with the Administrator role. This change allows users with the Administrator role to automatically have the VCC proof of payment functionality.

Integrations Not Run Report (179412)

We eliminated the “timing out” issues related to this report. Users should be able to run the report successfully as needed (see Figure 4).

Path: Client Site >> Reports >> Integration Reports >> Integrations Not Run Report

Figure 4: Steps to Run the Integrations Not Run Report



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