Release Notes – July 25, 2021

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1. Release Overview

1.1. Summary of Changes

AvidXchange is proud to announce the release of AvidStrongroom 2021.7.0. We strive to create a product that is easy to use, high performing, and provides you with significant value. The purpose of these release notes is to notify you of the changes made and the expected release date.

2. Payments

2.1. Virtual Credit Card

Virtual Credit Card Proof of Payment Now Available (150175, 150176, 150177)

We have updated AvidStrongroom to allow the ability to see when a Virtual Credit Card payment has cleared. A document that confirms the cleared payment can be downloaded by the customer. These changes include updating the appropriate integration with AvidPay, user interface changes, and permissions.

If you would like this ability immediately, please contact Customer Care to enable the permission to view Virtual Credit Card Proof of Payments added to your user profile. In the coming August release, we will enable this permission automatically for all AvidStrongroom administrators.

To view the Virtual Credit Card Proof of Payment:

  1. Go to Payments > Payment Search and enter your criteria to locate the Payment Details.
  2. The Delivery Status block displays the VCC Proof column (See Figure 1). Click View to open the Virtual Credit Card Proof of Payment (.PDF) document.
  3. Use the .PDF viewer controls to print or download the document as needed (See Figure 2).

Figure 1. AvidStrongroom with VCC Proof Column

Figure 2. Example of a Virtual Credit Card Proof of Payment (.PDF)

3. Invoice Configuration

3.1. Line Item Configuration

“Apply Default” Expense Line Item Setting (153953)

We updated the Apply Default functionality on the Invoice Details screen to override the Exact Match setting for the default line item creation. When selected, the Apply Default and Match on all line items setting will override the Exact Match setting, allowing the user to select any group regardless of whether the account number matches or not.

4. Support for Processes and Infrastructure

4.1. Daily Invoice Approval Emails

Daily Invoice Approval Emails Limited to 100 Invoices (174813)

We updated the Daily Invoice Approval Emails to include no more than 100 invoices displayed in the email body (See Figure 3 and Figure 4). The total number of invoices awaiting approval will still be shown at the top section of the email.

Figure 3. Daily Invoice Approval Email with Fewer Than 100 Invoices

Figure 4. Daily Invoice Approval Email with More Than 100 Invoices

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