Release Notes – September 22, 2021

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Release Overview

Summary of Changes

AvidXchange is proud to announce the release of AvidStrongroom 2021.9.0. We strive to create a product that is easy to use, high performing, and provides you with significant value. The purpose of these release notes is to notify you of the changes made and the expected release date.

AvidXchange Community

Online Help

Modified the Support menu hyperlinks to map each hyperlink to the correct location in the online help community page (181540)

We modified the Support menu hyperlinks (see Figure 1) to map each hyperlink to the correct location on the AvidXchange Community help page. The new AvidXchange community found at includes Product Resources, Discussion Forums, News and Updates, Customer Spotlights, the AvidXchange Academy and FAQs. Users can also use the new Chat function to contact customer care and can see a list of the Customer Care cases submitted and its’ status. This full set of features is available for users that have an active account for the community page.

Vendor Line Item

Vendor Line Item Template

Vendor Line Item displayed incorrectly (145044)

Previously, AvidStrongroom showed all vendor templates (including ones for other properties), even when a specific property/vendor group was selected from the defaults screen in invoice details. When selecting a default that did not apply to the specific association, no error message was displayed.

We modified the Vendor Line Item template to only show the applicable templates that are setup for the specific property/vendor combo in the dropdown menu.

Advanced Line Item Control Validation

Modified Advanced Line Item Control Validation for Required Account and Memo Field (176575, 182392, 182393)

We updated the Advanced Line Item Control validation to enforce the required flag selection for the Account and Memo fields when enabled for the Approval, Batch Approval and Auto Approval process to enable the system to validate invoices and transactions accurately.

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